The 2015 Nations Cup

On a sunny and hot April afternoon in Palermo Argentina, our film crew were ready to capture the excitement of one of the most important polo events in Argentina, The Nations Cup, and today England were against Argentina for the cup. 

The crew  were anticipating an England win– A tall order! But hoped to cover the England team celebrating a win like last year at the end of the match. 

They fought bravely but were overcome from the start and could never equal their good performance against Rest of the World 3 days before. England scored eight of their 10 goals by penalties, with Max Charlton showing his skills in netting fouls and well supported by Luke Tomlinson, Mark Tomlinson and Ollie Cudmore

Argentina was ahead in the scoring from the first period and ended the fifth 12-7. With the victory almost in the bag, Argentina reduced its pressure and England took advantage to get closer but not enough and Argentina defeated England 13-10 to take the Nations Cup. 

England took out the best team for the Nations Cup yet Argentina