The Argentinean Polo filming Experience

Sending our film crew to Argentina for the filming of ‘Sports of Kings’ was a journey filled with passion and excitement, where do you start a film about polo but at its home, Argentina. 

The crew were ready to capture all aspects of polo at its purest. We had access to film Adolfo Cambiaso’s {The world’s No1 polo player) cloning laboratories – In the 2013 Argentine Open, 2 of the 9 goals Cambiaso scored to take him to victory was on a cloned horse.

Argentina is a natural breeding environment for top polo ponies and we were able to film why this is the case - Apart from having a calm temperament, top speed, being nimble and strong, an ideal polo pony has a particular build according to polo superstar Mark Tomlinson, winner of the 2009 Queen's Cup.