Filming the Queen's Cup 2015

This is where the  Queen’s Cup gets exciting, where high octane polo kicks off!

We have filmed the initial stages of the competition, we have filmed a lengthy interview with Facundo Pieres who opened up to us about his rival the world’s No1, Adolfo Cambiaso…some say, ‘If Cambiaso is God, Facundo Pieres is Jesus’.

Could the 2015 English polo season be the year when the great Cambiaso loses his crown to Pieres?

Will the final be Dubai (Cambiaso’s team) Vs King Power Foxes (Pieres team)? 

This is Cartier's second year of sponsorship of The Cartier Queen's Cup and this leading jewellery brand will once again bring their unique blend of glamour, style and elegance to this world-famous, high-goal polo competition. The Cartier Queen’s Cup attracts the sport's leading players from across the globe. The team sheet always reads like a Who's Who of polo and each game is so important that even if the players are not in action on the field, they can always be found watching the games intensely, keeping a close eye on their rivals' tactics and ponies.

The trophy was first presented to the Club by HM The Queen in 1960.